Monday, August 14, 2006

Funky Scarf Swap Questionnaire

To my secret funky scarf friend, here are my responses to the questionnaire:

Let's get the allergy part out of the way. Are you allergic to any fibers?
- I have no allergies to fibers but I do have issues with cigarette smoke and pet dander.

Do you prefer any fibers over others?
- Not really though I'm not a fan of acrylics.

Thinking back to Scout's post about what funky means to you, post an image of something that you think is funky!
-For me, funky is something that you don't realize is anything but "normal" at first glance. Then you do a double take and realize you didn't see what you thought you did. Typically you end up grinning from ear to ear.

Example: Duct tape + ingenuity+ prom = FUNKY

One of dozens of fantastic entries in this year's Duct Tape Prom competition.

Would you prefer funky yarn or a funky pattern?
- Funky yarn!

What are your favorite colors?
- Uber favorite are: blues, orangey corals, and greens. Otherwise, I like most colors.

What is your favorite piece of art?
- Just about anything by Claude Monet, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, and Heather Baeder.

What colors would you never have up close to your pretty face?
- It's not the colors, it's bad combinations I run from. No purple and red, black and yellow, green and orange, things like that. EEEEK! Funky is one thing; ugly is another.

Would you prefer an actual scarf or a cowl?
- Knitter's choice. I like both.

When you wear a scarf do you prefer a wider/shorter scarf or a thin/long scarf?
- Thin and long. I can't seem to keep the short and wide ones on me. Maybe I just need to make or buy a pin to hold them closed.

What is the climate like where you live?
- Right now it's warm and humid. Humid is the key word here. HUMID. Winter iicyey and wet. Spring and Fall brings rain. Summer can get H, H, and H (hazy, hot and humid).

Would you prefer a functional scarf (to keep you warm) or one just to funk-up your wardrobe?
- Again, knitter's choice though I lean toward functional.

What else would you like your partner to know about you?
- Read my first post in this blog. That should sum me up pretty well. =)

Hope that helps!


Anonymous funky pal said...

hey teantae -
did you really not get my email? aargh! i am so sorry, i had no idea. i didn't get a response from you, but then you posted answers to the questionnaire on your blog so i figured... anyway, i do apologize. i am on vacation with my family right now, i'll be home on sunday, and then i'll be in touch again.

xo funky pal

8/23/2006 11:54 AM  
Blogger TeAntae said...

Hi there!

No worries. After I sent my message to the hosts, it dawned on me that it may have got sent to my spam folder and I deleted it, not realizing what it was.

Enjoy your vaction and think no more of it. =)

8/23/2006 12:12 PM  

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