Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fear Has A Name And It Is...

BOB (Beware Of Beading/Being). Oh, it's you BOB.

I was reading a blog entry by Diane, aka The Lone Beader, on fear earlier today and it struck a deep chord with me. I've been fighting a win/lose battle with fear myself that has kept me from advancing in my love of beadwork, as well as other artistic pursuits.

Diane called her's "fear of a blank canvas", the fear of starting something new. Mine is an internal battle over whether I have any talent at all; am I just fooling myself and should just pack up my beads and knock it off. Why suffer rejection and embarrassment? Then I read her comment about that kind of thinking, and I quote: "And, if I am afraid of the world rejecting my work, then I am not creating art for the right reasons. " I took a pause and thought long and hard on that. She's so right! I'm not creating art for anyone but myself. It's my personal happiness that is why I create. Whether I'm beading or dancing or whatever, it's me that I'm doing it for. And if things don't work out just so, well then that was a learning experiencing and I dust off my knees and try it again. Or if it turns out that I didn't enjoy it, I know not to try that again.

I've been taking steps to conquer that fear. Blocking out time for myself so that I can create, participating in group projects to inspire my creativity, and even setting up a shop on Etsy.com to give a shot at selling (nothing in there just yet). No matter what, I'm not going to stop being an artist. The only thing I have to fear is fear itself... and I'm wearing some big boxing gloves!


Blogger The Lone Beader said...

I am so happy to know that my words have spoken to SOMEONE... Also, try not to compare your work to other work that you see. Instead, view other artist's work as a source of inspiration. It will help you to conquer your fears. I hope this helps, and happy beading:)

8/30/2006 10:16 PM  
Blogger TeAntae said...

Thanks Diane. It does help. =)

8/31/2006 2:47 PM  
Blogger Jewels said...

I feel the need to echo Diane's advice here. I've seen so many pieces of bead art, and wondered if mine would ever be 'As Good'. Well, as good or better shouldn't matter. YOU are what matters.
I operate under the good 'ole "If you build it, they will come" rule. If I like it, someone else out there likely will as well. And if I don't? Well, that's what the Frog stitch is for, isn't it? Rippit! Rippit!!!! LOL!!!
Thanks again for that info you sent me. I really appreciated it.

9/01/2006 1:36 PM  
Blogger redthread said...

as I see it there are always going to be many many people who leave me thinking "I wish I'd thought of that!"

This can be intimidating, but it's really a healthy thing - I'd be so bored in a world where my stuff was the best thing out there.

Just saying that points to another truth - "the best thing out there" is always going to be subjective, it's kind of silly when you try to picture the best in something as widespread and global as beading.

From what I have seen from you, your work is good and thoughtful! You have every reason to be proud of it.

Be kind to yourself and make your own milestones as you work.

9/01/2006 7:41 PM  
Blogger TeAntae said...

Jewels: You've been a true sweetheart, you know that? Thanks.

Redthread: Be kind to yourself and make your own milestones as you work. *takes a deep breath* Thank you. =)

Remembering that the only person I have to please is myself, though you'd think would be easy, is something I am going to work very hard to keep at the fore front of mind. There is no such thing as perfection, just what's perfect for me. If I love something I've done yet someone else does not, remember that each has their own taste and this person has a different one than mine.

Starting this blog has been the best thing I've done in a terribly long time. *HUGS* to you all.

9/05/2006 9:47 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

I think we craft because creating a beautiful object speaks to us and exercises the part of us that wants to create. Bead to please yourself first. If you are creating something you love, others will see that passion and beauty as well. :-)

9/06/2006 9:50 PM  
Blogger TeAntae said...

Thanks Jennifer. =)

You are definitely someone who's enthusiasm I do admire. I've made a determined mantra out of creating to please myself. It's getting easier every day.

9/07/2006 9:17 AM  

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