Monday, May 14, 2007


I'm taking on a project that I have mixed feelings about. Not bad mixed feelings, just nervous feelings. I want to participate because I want to open up my horizons, let out all those ideas bouncing around in my head, let my beads sing out. But then there are the feelings of "can I really do this" that peek around the corner of my mind. I've quickly squashed that. I know I can do this and I'm going to definitely try my darnedest to do this. What am I rambling about? It's the 2007 Bead Journal Project that artist Robin Atkins has just started up.

What is this project I've put myself in? Here's the basics:

I'm making a 1-year beading commitment to create 12 "journal" pages (one a month) with bead embroidery. If you've seen or heard anything about the various quilt journal pages going on, you know what I'm talking about. Page size is my own choice though each month should be about the same size. Other than that, it's up to me how to proceed. Flat or 3D, bound or not, mixed media or only beads.

This madness starts June, 2007 and apparently there is a possible exhibition opportunity at end of year. The journaling aspect of beadwork is exciting me. The challenge makes me vibrate with ideas. I'll officially start June 1st; from idea to completion. The only thing I want to decide on now is the format of my pages. Hmm...

How will this affect other projects I'm working on? I don't know yet. I'm definitely not trying to overload myself. I will definitely make sure that all commitments get made in some fashion or another.

If you want to experience this as well, check out Robin's blog from the link above and if you're game, email her and get ready to PLAY!


Blogger Jennifer said...

Wow! That looks like fun. There's no way I can participate though. I hardly have time as it is.

5/14/2007 9:41 PM  
Blogger No Easy Beads said...

If you haven't signed up yet for the 2007 Bead Journal...I think you should. I did and think it will be a great exerience. I enjoyed my visit to your blog.

5/18/2007 10:59 PM  
Blogger TeAntae said...

Hi Jennifer, I know what you mean. I had to really think about this before I signed up. I promise to keep you posted.

And yes, I'm all signed up!

5/23/2007 4:53 PM  

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