Thursday, September 28, 2006

International Tote Exchange

Oh Janice!

Oh Janice!


I've been going WOW over and over again since I opened the box about an hour again. I got home and noticed that the postman had been by (her Jeep was just at the next complex) so I picked up the mail and saw that I had a delivery card in there from my International Tote Swap partner, Janice. I quickly dashed down the parking lot to get my package!

I carefully cut open the box, and what did I find inside?

See all my goodies?!? Not only did she make me a FANTASTIC tote, she also made me the cutest change purse from some of the wool of one of her llamas! Thank you Sebastian for donating to the cause. And then there's the nummy Iowa sweets (chocolate covered coffee beans and sugared nuts). Last but not even close to least is the sweet card she sent me explaining all about my gifts.

Here's a shot of just the tote and change purse:


I knew she loves making totes/purses and I knew she did lovely work but she has simply stunned me! I am so grateful and honored.


Old Man Winter

All done and shipped out to Mamarox on 8/26.

This piece was not my original plan oddly enough. I was going through my box of face beads to get the one I had in mind, but this face cab basically "jumped out" at me. I'd received it as a gift but it wasn't my taste. I just kept it because I hate throwing things away that might come in handy later. Low and behold, the 2nd Annual Face Brooch Swap and the September Bead-A-Long Challenge came up at the same time. Two for the price of one and I'm very pleased with the results.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy

Quick run down of what I'm up to:

#1 Need to cut out and put the back on my pin, Old Man Winter, for the 2nd Annual Beaded Face Brooch Swap.

There's more detail around the face, you just can't see it here.

#2 Need to finish the last few inches on my funky scarf. (Photo when all done)

#3 Keep working away on my sling tote for the International Tote Exchange II.

#4 Package up and send the scarf mom wove and I beaded, Embraced By The Night, to Belle Armoire. I'm crossing fingers and toes they'll use it in the Salon section.

#5 Hope to get to the Faire this weekend (if it doesn't rain or I don't get stuck working - stupid deadlines) 'cause it's Adventure Weekend and it's going to be a party. It used to be Pirates weekend but for some silly reason they changed it this year. Aaaaarrr!

J. L. Bait
The Roving Eye
Ship's Gaoler
Privateer #992

The Roving Eye
Ship's Slave Trader, in charge of "prisoner resolutions"
Privateer #993

Together we are...
Bait & Switch!!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I Must Be Out Of My Mind

Well, I did it. I laid in wait in front of my computer last night and at 9:00 PM EST sharp (and loads of refresh hitting), I pounced on the opportunity to get a 6 month subscription to Scout's Indie Swag Club. Due to a technicality, several of us (ok 18 of us) managed to get in beyond the 10 person limit. Through thewondrousnesss of Scout and the other participating contributors, we were allowed to keep our memberships. *Drops to her knees and thanks Scout repeatedly*

So now 6 months of gorgeous limited-edition hand painted sock yarn and additional swag is coming my way starting next month. But....


OK, deep breathes. The whole point of me signing up, beyond getting my hands on that lovely yarn, was to get me to actually make socks. My mom does and they're gorgeous. So stay tuned folks for the frustration, the cursing, the sore fingers and hopefully the happy results starting sometime in October. MOM! HELP!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Warning: Things May Be More Difficult Than They Appear

I don't like to say I have given my life to art. I prefer to say art has given me my life. -Frank Stella, Contemporary American Painter, b. 1936

I work with a lady who I learned enjoyed beading. When she found out I was a beader as well, she wanted to see my work. I happily brought in a few pieces for her to look at but when she saw what I enjoy doing (predominately beadweaving) she was taken aback. "It's very pretty but why do you do such complicated things? Too much work. You can't wear it all the time. No one would want this." After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I smiled and simply told her that it was the kind of beading that worked for me.

There is just as much a place for the complicated as there is for the simply. Stringing can be very fulling, I know. I've seen dozens of lovely strung necklaces, using some of the most beautiful beads of glass, stone, crystal, and/or metal. I've even strung a few necklaces myself, but it's not what fuels my passion. For me it is beadweaving. I love both the mental challenge as well as the resulting beauty. One of my favorite techniques is beaded crochet. Whether it's a solid colored rope or an undulating series of multiple colors and bead sizes holds magic for me.

Those techniques that construct 3D forms make my eyes light up. The first fully constructed piece I ever made was when I took the Granuaile's Crown workshop with Cynthia Rutledge. Though it took sometime to finish (darn day job), I was excited as well as curious about what else I could make. I've examined the gorgeous and creative constructions of such talented artists as Valerie Hector and David Chatt and am trying to learn as much as I can so that I can create the images in my head.

There have been times when I've wondered if maybe the type of beadwork I like is in fact too much, that no one will get it or like it. Those thoughts have been banished as I've been reminded by recent posts of Diane and Robin, as well as so many other wonder artistics souls I've come to know while blogging, that I'm creating to please me, that's all that matters... AND I LOVE DOING WHAT I DO!