Friday, May 18, 2007

Lots of Pretty New Yarn

I didn't get the chance to post the pictures of the yarn I received from the Socks that Rock Club or Scout's Indie Swag Club before the Maryland Sheep and Wool and now I've received 2 more skein of yarn. One is from the Y4S Sock Club and the other is my reward/trade for completing the Yarn Focus Challenge '07 last month. Here are the goods:

First let's start with Scout's Indie Club goodness:

This gorgeous skein is called Lavender Mint and the shot simply does not do it justice. It's a a subtle colorway that is just luscious in person. I'm slowly going through all of my sock patterns trying to find just the right one for this. I may have to just go "ennie meanie minie moe".

I didn't take a picture of the swag that came with but I also received:

  • A container of "Heal My Hands" hand balm in a Lavender Mint scent. I wonder where the colorway got it's name from? =)

  • A tube of "Heal My Lips" lip protectant in a Madagascar Vanilla scent. Smells lovely!

  • A sample of "Heal My Heels", notice a theme here?

  • A sample of "Heal My Face" 3 grain scrub and mask.

I'm going to test the products when I will be at home all day. The "Hands" and "Lips" products both contain avocado butter and I'm apparently allergic to avocados. Nothing dangerous but eating avocados makes my mouth tingly in disturbing kinda way. The "Heels" contains tea tree oil which I tried once as part of a mouthwash and broke out into hives. Quickly went away as fast as it came on but still... The "Face" seems to be the only one I dont' see anything in it that might be a problem. Now mind you, all of this is purely unscientific. I tried an avocado once and asked my husband if my mouth was suppose to tingle while eating those things. He quickly had me wash my mouth out. The tea tree oil mouthwash was by process of elimination after the hive attack a few days in a row but it could very well have been something else in the product. Anyway... back to the good stuff!

This exotic colorway is called "Walking on the Wild Tide" from the Socks that Rock yarn club. It undulates and is surprising and oh so stunning up close.

The accompanying pattern is called "Grasshopper" and it's a lacey kind of sock that has a neat seam up the back. I'm debating order the second skein to make the tall version (the seam is more pronounced in that one) or just do the shorter one pictured with this skein and do the taller in something else. Hmm...

Next we have the skein of sock yarn I received for completing the Yarn Focus Challenge '07. Thanks Rebekah for hosting this. It was truly an eye opener. I think the hubby is eyeballing this one for socks of his own. =)

The last pretty little number is from the Y4S Sock Club by Yarn 4 Socks. This is the June package that they decided to send early. The yarn is by Seacoast Handpainted Yarn in their Melonballs colorway. It's 60% merino, 30% bamboo, and 10% nylon.

The accompanying pattern is called Giotto and is a hot little lacy number created by Anna Bell of My Fashionable Life. I definitely want to make this one exactly as is.
I've been in ball winding heaven these past few weeks along with knitting away among other projects and am trying to find every spare minute I can to create something. I simply must have more free time! *petulant foot stomp*


Blogger Jennifer said...

Lovely new yarn!

5/19/2007 6:41 PM  
Blogger Cynthia said...

Hi, I tried to respond to your post on the 52 pair plunge, but I couldn't find a link to do so. I have no clue why, maybe because I'm not a part of the blog? Anyway, I'm rambling... but try this link:

Hope that helps!

5/20/2007 11:47 AM  
Blogger TeAntae said...

Thanks Jennifer! I think I'll be set for the Summer at least. LOL!

Cynthia, thanks for the link. Off to check it out now.

5/20/2007 10:35 PM  

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